Sheet Metal & Downspout Commercial Flat Roof Flashing Repair & Replacement

A very common issue with commercial roof maintenance is the replacement or repair of what is called roof flashing, or simple flashing. Roof flashing is sheet metal installed at any breaks, joints, or edges on your roof to prevent leaks.​

These joints or breaks in the edges and corners of your flat roof are susceptible to wear and can cause leaks that are invisible from the outside or inside your property until it’s too late. Quite often these leaks never truly present themselves until they have caused damage to drywall, studs, electrical and HVAC equipment. The costs of repair when this occurs is jaw dropping. In most cases resulting in total replacement of sections of your property.

Clearview Construction can help find these weak points in your flat roof. Make the appropriate determination and completely fix these problems when they occur.

We also have crews that are experienced in the maintenance of this aspect of your flat roof and will be able to help in the mitigation of damage that can occur over the years.

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