Flat Roof Rock Removal Service for Commercial Properties

Rocks and gravel on top of commercial flat roofs help water evaporate and keep heat away from your building, however in many cases, you may want to move away from all of the little pieces on your roof. Whether you are trying to reduce overall weight from the structure, or doing a routine rock & gravel swap, we would love to provide you a free roof inspection to help teach you more about your roof, and the best decision to make.

Using gravel and rocks on a Flat Commercial roof is an ancient method that has stood the test of time to protect flat surface of the roof by dispersing heat, mitigating water flow and build-up, Increasing life expectancy, reducing the demand of electrical power which will provide energy savings on sunny days and increasing the thermal efficiency of the roof insulation.

Clearview Construction has the experience to remove and replace existing gravel and rock or adding new to your Commercial Flat Roof.

We can help you navigate the choices available to you with our free, no obligation, estimate.

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