Energy Efficient Commercial Roof Installation & Repair, White Roofs & Reflective Roofs

Roofing systems that can deliver solar reflection and thermal emittance are called cool roofs. Cool roofs fall provided by Clearview Construction come in different services.

  • Inherently cool roofs: Are Roof membranes made of white or light colored material are inherently reflective and achieve some of the highest reflective and emittance measurements of which roofing materials are capable. Clearview Construction offers roof systems made of thermoplastic white vinyl which can reflect more of the sun’s rays and emit at more of the solar radiation that the building absorbs.
  • Coated roofs: Clearview Construction offers white roof coatings (not simply white paint) for your roof’s surface. The coating is Energy Star rated.

Cool roofs installed by Clearview Construction offer both immediate and long-term savings in building energy costs. With our professional installation you can enjoy:

  • Reduced building heat-gain, as a white or reflective roof typically increases only 5–14 °C (10–25 °F) above ambient temperature during the day
  • Enhanced life expectancy of both the roof membrane and the building’s cooling equipment.
  • Improved thermal efficiency of the roof insulation
  • Reduced demand for electric power by as much as 10 percent on hot days.
  • Reduced air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Provide energy savings.
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