Winter Roof Ice Dams, Ice Snow & Icicle Removal, Heat Tape & Heat Cables for Residential House

Ice dams are a direct result of heat escaping from the attic and melting snow on the roof in cold temperatures. Snow turns to water and then into ice as the temperature drops. Having ice dams is indicative of a problem that needs to be addressed.

Clearview construction has the experience to help you locate these trouble areas and while awaiting the right time to address these problems we offer ice dam removal services. Our teams of dedicated professionals will remove the ice dam, unless doing so would damage the existing structure, and help you decide what is best to mitigate the problem. We also provide icicle removal. While icicles look beautiful they are an unsuspecting danger to you, your guests and your property, having these removed ensure the safety and security of your property, family and friends.

One way of mitigating this problem is to have existing snow removed. Clearview Construction has quality teams with the proper equipment and expertise to remove snow from your roof.

Heat cables over garage spaces is also a practical way of ensuring that snow and ice do not exist over this opening. While these systems have their place in the snow and ice removal on roofs, it is imperative that you know the pro’s and cons of this system. Our professional estimators have the experience and knowledge in these systems to help you decide what is best for your existing structure.

Heat Tape is another alternative to the ice dam, icicle fight. Heat Tape works best for small, cylindrical areas that require high power. Heat Tape is constant wattage product and should be used with care. Clearview technitions have the experience and expertise to decide where, if at all, this product should or could be used. It is highly recommended that before chosing this option you diligently research its usage and if in doubt contact a professional installer like Clearview Construction.

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